[Auction] DC of Gold Ingots

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What are you going to do with this gold?

Throw it into lava 7 vote(s) 36.8%
Make gapples 6 vote(s) 31.6%
Hoard it because why not 6 vote(s) 31.6%
  1. Item: Dc of Gold Ingots
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 12r
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Happy biding!
  2. I will bite, 15r
  3. Ok, guess 16r :p
  4. Dis is cheap 1k
  5. 15k

    pls help update azondria
  6. 2016 - "The year that JDHallows won an auction for a DC of gold ingots that cost him the same number of rupees as the year."
    Now none of you mess that up, k?
  7. No! I have been ninjaed, fine 16k
  8. Please only post on auctions or reverse auctions if you are bidding or asking a question about the item(s) being bid on. People trying to be funny and posting comments unrelated to the auction at all is bumping the thread. This is so the auction isn't bumped to the top and people get a fair chance at secretly winning the auction at a low price. Please re-read the rules, 2nd and 6th bullet point.
  9. 75k