[Auction] DC of Glass Blocks

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  1. Item: One double chest of glass (blocks)

    Starting Price: 1000 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increase: 100 Rupees

    Auction End Time: The auction will end 24 Hours after the final valid bid has been placed

    Auction Pickup: The winner can pick up at 3026 on SMP2 in my shop *after payment has been made*

    Happy Bidding

  2. Southpark with the early lead :)
  3. 3 hr Bump... really Southpark the only person? lol this is a DC of glass
  4. Hey there we go :) Oh and i see a $... ill give ya my paypal lol jk ;)
  5. 5k. Bam.
  6. Oh snap! There we go! Joshmcf is the leader now
  7. Afternoon bump
  8. Ignore The Dirt Poor Thing, I forgot to change it from some time ago! :D
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  9. Haha just noticed:) alrighty aphors is top bidder now
  10. Secrets top bidder now:)

    Bid war anyone:)
  11. Goodnight bump :rolleyes:
  12. For starting out slow this thing has blown up!! Caatik is the new leader!
  13. Caatik your the winner! Congrats!

    Once paid I'll make an access sign
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Not open for further replies.