[Auction] DC of Feather Falling IV Enchanted Books[CLOSED]

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  1. ITEM: 54 Feather Falling IV Enchanted Books

    STARTING BID: 1000r


    AUCTION ENDING TIME: 48 Hours after the last valid bid is posted

    PICK-UP: 16612 SMP8

  2. AmusedStew is in the lead with 3k
  3. 4k! Whoop!
  4. wolves in the lead with 5k
  5. wolves still in the lead with 5k, anyone else like to not fall to your death?
  6. How do you get these? Do you have an enchantment reader or something?
  7. No freakin' way you don't have something that helps you...DC of these, prot 4 sets, DC of sharp 3 books..... One more thing...can I borrow your luck XD
  8. wolves is in the lead with 6.1k that is only 112r per book extreamly cheap :) Anyone else wanna grab these?
  9. crossbones in the lead with 8k
  10. wolves back in the lead with 8.1k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.