{AUCTION} DC Of End Pearls

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  1. 2014-04-07_17.46.06.png
    Starting Bid- 150r
    Minimum Bid- 50r
    Auction Ends 36 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup/Delivery- Pickup at utopia /v 5084 (free) Delivery to utopia (5r) Delivery to any other server (15r) YOU MUST CONTACT ME FOR DELIVERY! There is also no mail option.
    Disclaimer- If you do not pay after 1 week of winning, you give up the items. If you pay then don't pickup or contact me about delivery/mail after a week of paying, you loose the items and half of what you payed me. If you don't contact about delivery/mail I assume you want to pickup.
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  5. You won! Pay and i will setup an access sign! Contact me for delivery.
  6. paid let me know when i can pick it up.
  7. Pickup is ready at res 5084
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.