[AUCTION] DC Of Enchantments

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  1. Item(s):

    Picks: (2) Fortune III Eff IV, (4) Eff IV, Unbreaking III Fortune III, Fortune II,
    (4) Unbreaking III Eff IV, (5) Unbreaking III Fortune III Eff IV, (2) Unbreaking III Silk I
    (2) Unbreaking III, (2) Unbreaking III Eff IV Silk I

    Swords: (2) Smite IV, (3) Kb II, (2) Smite IV Kb II, Smite IV Looting II, Sharp III Kb II

    Helmets: Protection III Resp III, (2) Protection III Aqua Aff I, Protection IV Resp III Aqua Aff I
    Protection III

    Chestplate: (2) Protection III, Blast Protection IV, Protection III Thorns II, Projectile Prot IV

    Leggings: (2) Protection III, (2) Protection IV, Projectile Prot IV

    Boots: (2) Protection III, Protection IV, Protection III Feather Fall IV, Feather Fall IV

    Auction ends: 24 Hours after last bid
    Starting Bid: 5k
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100 rupees
    One pickaxe is missing, however, that pickaxe will be a suprise! (no one ever said a good one!)
  2. Edit: 11111r
  3. All these tools ae diamond, correct?
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  4. pateraterick in the lead with 11111 rupees!

  5. Invalid bid. Current highest bid is 11,111 rupees by pateraterick.
  6. Thought It had 4 0nes

  7. Dwight in the lead with 15,000 rupees!
  8. Bump it up! Dwight is getting a STEAL here!
  9. R0bbieJo in the lead with 16k! Anyone else gonna bid?
  10. Then Dwight makes a comeback! 20k for Dwight, anyone gonna take over?
  11. Dang, raising my post count =P. R0bbie in the lead with 21,000 rupees!
  12. G we meet again.png

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.