[Auction] DC of Enchanted Items

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  1. Auction : 1 DC of Enchanted Items
    Starting Price : 5k
    Minimum Bid Increments : 500 r
    Ending Time : 24 Hours after Last Valid Bid.
    Pickup : 3971 smp2

    Diamond Pickaxes :

    4x Unbreaking II
    2x Unbreaking II Efficiency II
    1x Unbreaking III Efficiency III
    1x Fortune I Efficiency II
    1x Efficiency I

    Iron Chestplates :

    2x Protection II
    2x Protection I
    4x Projectile Protection III
    1x Unbreaking II

    Diamond Chestplates :

    2x Thorns I Unbreaking I
    2x Protection Projectile IV
    1x Unbreaking II
    1x Unbreaking I
    1x Fire Protection I
    2x Protection II

    Diamond Axe :

    2x Efficiency I
    1x Efficiency II Fortune I Unbreaking II
    1x Efficiency III

    Iron Axe :

    2x Efficiency III Unbreaking III
    1x Fortune I
    1x Unbreaking II
    1x Unbreaking II Fortune I Efficiency II

    Iron Pickaxes :

    7x Efficiency II Unbreaking II
    1x Silk Touch I
    1x Unbreaking II

    Diamond Swords :

    2x Smite II
    2x Knockback I
    2x Smite I
    1x Looting I
    1x Sharpness II
    1x Bane II Knockback I

  2. Bump! Only 2 hours left :)
  3. I think I won?
  4. yeah you won jay25000
  5. Yay where do I pick up ......lol I got to pay first
  6. Pickup at my res smp5
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.