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  1. Items:
    InfinityI: x8
    PowerI: x4
    PunchI: x1
    FlameI: x3
    PowerII: x5
    PowerIII: x3
    PunchII: x1
    PunchI PowerII: x4
    PowerIV: x1
    FlameI PowerIV: x5
    PunchI PowerIV: x2
    PunchII PowerIV: x2
    FlameI PowerIII: x4
    PunchI PowerIII: x1
    FlameI PunchI: x1
    InfinityI PowerIII: x1
    FlameI PunchII PowerIV: x1
    InfinityI PunchII PowerIV: x1
    FlameI UnbreakingII PowerIII: x1
    InfinityI FlameI PowerIV: x1
    InfinityI FlameI PunchI PowerIII: x2
    InfinityI FlameI PunchI PowerV UnbreakingIII: x 1

    Starting Bid:

    Minimum Bid Increment:

    Auction Ending Time:
    Exactly 24 hours after last VALID bid :)

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  2. that escalated quickly
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  3. facu12301 is in the lead with 13k! :p
  4. Cadgamer101 is in the lead with 14k!
    Will anyone out bid him? (probably not :p)
  5. 13 more hours before cadgamer101 wins the auction!
  6. Well that's it, cadgamer101 has won the Auction!
    please send your payment to me and once i get note that you've payed, i will set up the chest :)
  7. Well that was quite the steal haha, only if I had more money... And more of a need for that many bows.
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  8. Paid. Thanks.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.