[ AUCTION ] DC of EMC Special Armor/Tools/Weapons

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Leowaste, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Is that a bid? If not, you should not post, just saying.
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  2. it's not hurting anyone is it?
  3. If it is bumping the thread, it is against the rules. Nobody takes politely to rule-breakers, sir. So if you wish to continue this conversation and how you are so "right" in this case, start a conversation with me and staff, but they are not willing to waste time on something like this, so it is up to you. If it was not a bid - then do not post - I have seen you do it many times before. Sorry to bump your auction Leowaste.
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  5. 1,050,000r
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  6. Good like beating storm and flo ;)
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  7. This post breaks the auction rules.
  8. Very active auction!!! Dat Bump doe....
  9. Hey jack he is stating that they are possibly splitting the auction this is relevant to the auction at hand. Not to offend but it seems to me that you are targeting these two gentlemen; this is evident from these to posts
    To me it is unlike a mod to act in this behavior....
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  10. 1 100 000r
  11. Joshyrocks stop posting comments on this thread at once, final warning.
    As for fat_batman, rules are rules and all must follow them. Staff members don't target players for their well benefit. It is very clear joshyrocks is breaking auction rules. Don't go after jack because he's doing his job.

    Now then from this point on only post if your going to bid on the auction or your auctioneer Leowaste. Anymore spam or joke comments will be meet with in-game punishment.

    Alexchance is currently winning the auction with bid of 1,100,000r
  12. TY Dwight for keeping it on track. Alexboss is in the lead still. Nice auction haha
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  13. 1,500,000r
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  14. *Wonders how anyone can possibly confuse posting in a thread with sending a pm*

    I'll delete the posts, but in the future, please be more careful. There is no such thing as a "joke bid".
  15. This will end up being my second largest auction. 1st one being the original utopian dragon egg for 2m. I wonder who has that now lol.

    So bump de doo
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