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  1. hey guys, Im selling one DC of eggs (not spawn eggs)

    starting bid 500r
    min bid 400
    auction ends 24 hours after last bid
    pick up only!
  2. Now this is the perfect auction! Good job on your first one, when the auction is over though, do specify which residence you want it picked up from. For now, I'll take it that it's your first, since you do only have one. If you want, you can copy and paste the following template into your next auction.

    Starting Bid:
    Minimum Bid:
    Auction Ending:
    Auction pickup location:

    500 rupees!
  3. Thank you I will
  4. Crazy TK is in the lead! Will he win with 500 r?
  5. Bed time bump
  6. Please wait 3 hours between each bump :). Just be careful, if you that too much you will get in trouble for it, I don't want to see anyone get marketplace banned
  7. Well that was a money less auction.
  8. Ye
    yeah I texted krysyy to help me with it
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  9. dooood i want this.. 900r
  10. peculiarpotato has taken it 900 r
  11. Like, one thousand three hundred rupees.
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  12. Who will win 1300 r was last bid! Will it go higher? And will someone lose to 400 r?
  13. Um.... are we just letting this go now?
  14. Please note that these are all illegal bumps. In the future, wait for three hours after the most recent post on the thread before posting on it again. :)
  15. DSE IS IN THE LEAD WITH 1500r! Close match
  16. Dose has won good job!!!!! PM me when u want to pick up( pay when u get it)
  17. actually if i know how this works the auction is still going until 6:33pm tonight unless more bids.
  18. No, he will not win just yet.... I bid 1.9k!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.