{AUCTION} DC of DIamond Tools and Armor !!!

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  1. IN This Wonderful chest there is
    9 Unb. II Eff. II and Silk I Pickaxes
    17 Unb. III and Eff III Pickaxes
    3 Unb. II Eff. II and Fortune I Pickaxes
    1 Unb III Eff. IV Pickaxe
    6 Unb. II Eff. III Axes
    9 Protection III Chestplates
    4 Blast Protect I Thorns I and 4 Protection II Chestplates

    Start Bids: 10000r
    Increase Bids: 500r
    Ends: 48 hours after last Bid 2013-07-02_15.34.19.png
  2. 11,000 Why not lets get this going!
  3. 15k lets go big
  4. i cancel my bid sorry for your inconvence
  6. D: There are 18 chestplates in the chest but it only shows 17 of them and what their enchants are in your list.
  7. Sorry there are 5 Protection II Chestplates and 4 blast protection I thorns I and 9 protection III
  8. BUMPITY BUMP BUMP Generalfelino015 is in the lead
  9. 20k im back
  10. You cannot cancel bids. Excessive infractions will lead to auction blacklist.
  11. penguindj im sorry but i want to clear up that i was involved with anouther auction some one put a message that looked like they bid 30k but it was just a smiley face so i didnt know i was leading in anouther auction when i bid please do not get me banned
  12. Relax, one time won't get you banned. At the most, you will get an auction ban, but you could continue playing ingame. Note that I am not a moderator and could not ban you - not that I would.

    Currently, you are in the lead with a bid of 20,000 rupees.
  13. Bumpity BUMP Bump Fat_batman in the lead with 20k !!!
  14. ok just dont want a bad mark thats all
  15. BUMP!! c'mon someone has to beat that price !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.