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  1. Hey, I'm auctioning a full DC of cocoa beans, starting at 350 rupees.
    Minimum bid increase of 100 r.
  2. Auction ending time?
  3. It will finalize after 24 hrs of last bid.
  4. Umm, no offense, but I though people with the same IP address were not allowed to bid on their siblings auction :confused: I may be wrong on this, but to make sure this auction is still on track:
  5. Just so you know....
  6. Yes you're totally right! I've known several people who've gotten themselves in trouble because of this!
  7. As posted above using alternate or accounts via the same IP is illegal for participating in the same auction. We'll chalk this up to a one time mistake, but make sure you don't do it again or we may have to blacklist the accounts from auctions...but we don't want to do that.
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  8. Okay CALM DOWN EVERYONE he's my brother, I just wanted him to make some money >:I
  9. They were calm. They were simply trying to help you. :)
  10. Okay.
  11. Uh
    uh i guess 1k
  12. You will be able to get the dc at 4127 September 1st. Thanks!
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