[AUCTION]DC of Cactus!

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  1. Get a double chest full of this green, prickly stuff!
    Item: DC of Cactus
    Starting Bid: 1
    Min Increase: 10
    Auction End: 48 hrs after last valid bid

    Good luck!
  2. opps didnt see that post beofre me
  3. BUMP for the cacti!
  4. ReBUMP for the cacti!
  5. ReReBUMP for the cacti!
  6. Alright, BlinkyBlinky has won this auction for 5k rupees! Pay the amount and an access chest will be set up. (Or you can set up an access chest on your res and I can deliver, I don't mind either way :) )
  7. Access chest has been set up on SMP7 , just go to /v +auction
    Thank you very much :)
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