[AUCTION] DC of Cactus + DC of Green Dye

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  1. Hey all! Another auction. Trying to get back in the game :p

    Auction Item: 1 DC of cactus plus 1 DC of cactus green dye
    Starting Bid: 100r
    Min. Bid Increase: 10r
    Auction End: 36 hours after the last valid bid.
    Pickup/preview info: Utopia - 5565@auction

    Happy bidding!
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  4. Almost forgot about this :p
    As of now, this'll end at 12:17am Mon. Jan. 25 (so less than 2 hours)
  5. I think i've just about won
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  6. Winner: JLID10 for 100r
    Send over payment and as soon as I sign on, I'll set up access signs
    Items will be available for pickup in utopia on 5565@auction
  7. Access signs are up. DCs are ready for pickup.