[Auction] DC of Bone + DC of Oak Wood Blocks

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  1. Items: 1 DC of Bones + 1 DC of Oak Wood
    Starting Bid: 1000
    Bid Increases: 500
    Auction Ends 48 hours after the last bid is placed. Items delievered to SMP8.

    Here's all the bones you need to keep your automatic farms running smoothly. DC of oak blocks will keep you in wood for a while too. Good luck.
  2. Bump - to be clear the oak wood blocks are logs - not planks.
  3. This should be invalid because it breaks the rules...

  4. No sir, auctions are allowed to have multiple doublechests of different items in them, provided that each DC contains 1 item, and that each item is in a DC quantity. All is good
  5. How so? Do explain...
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  6. Isn't it a rule to not hold 2 auctions at a time, and this is considered breaking another rule that is stated
    "Trying to go around the rules" which he did...
  7. This person has created 3 threads. This is his first auction ever. It is valid.
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  8. I wish I could edit. This is all one auction. As stated above you can have multiple DC's of different items. All bids are for both DC's.
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  9. Ya i checked first and saw others auctioning different DC items in one auction. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Oh ok, I just sword I saw JackBiggin make a auction rule forum, that said some things like that.
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