[AUCTION] - DC of Birch Planks

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  1. Starting bid 250r
    Minimum Increase 50r

    Details: DC of Birch Planks
  2. This auction is invalid, you need to specify when the auction ends.
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  3. What is emc time?
  4. Ends 1 hour after last valid bid.
  5. Pick up at /v Dollarhide9901 on Utopia
  6. 1 hour is not very long for an ending time, most people will never see it and the auction would go for not much money. Most people make the ending time 24 or 48 hours.
  7. True
    24 hours after last valid bid
  8. oops...how do I delete thread?
  9. Ask a staff member to.....
  10. Closing per request of op. Start a new one
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.