[Auction] DC of BAKED potato's!

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After This, do you want a DC of iron ingots Auction?

Yes 7 vote(s) 46.7%
No 8 vote(s) 53.3%
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  1. Well, I don't know why im doing this, but I know everyone wants 3456 potatoes on their res! have a BBQ, give them away or do whatever you want!

    Item:3456 Baked Potatoes
    Starting Bid:100 Rupees
    Minimum Increments:100 Rupees
    Auction Ends:48 hours after last VALID bid

    PS:pickup is the responsibility of the winner

    Happy Bidding

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  2. well, the : and the P mixed together... but you guys know that says pickup :)
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  3. Tree Fidy

  4. Potatoe addict eh? Then you need to win this
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  5. I think I actually won.. My bid was posted 12:00 P.M.. Passed that already. :p
  6. Crud, very sorry. I didn't notice the 48 hour mark.
  7. 1.5k sorryslash
  8. 1.7K.
    <- These guys need some friends. D:
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  9. Can I get a dc of baked potatoes in real life? Thanks.
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