[AUCTION} DC of assorted wools

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  1. Description: Single Double Chest of Every type of wool

    Starting Bid: 2k

    Min. Bid Increase: 100

    Ends: in 5 hrs. (10:00 Est.)

    Pickup: 959 in smp1
  2. Is a double chest? What colors are in there? How many stacks of each color there is?
  3. Every color, a double chest, and a more than 2 for each.
    The first two are clearly explained in the explanation part.
  4. 3 stacks of orange 3 stacks of brown
    3 stacks of yellow 3 stacks of blue
    2 stacks of silver 5 stacks of magenta
    2 stacks of cyan 4 stacks of purple
    6 stacks of pink 4 stacks of light blue
    2 stacks of black 2 stacks of white
    5 stacks of red 3 stacks of grey
    3 stacks of green 3 stacks of lime
  5. Well I think is a very high price but if You put it 1k I will bid
  6. Ok, i start it at 1k
  7. Just wondering, is this s valid auction?
  8. your only supposed to place auctions
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  9. Place auctions?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.