[ AUCTION ] DC of assorted enchanted books

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  1. Starting Bid: 1000
    Minimal bid increments: 250
    Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid (I will not be able to access minecraft 3/16-3/18 [vacation])
    Pickup: Delivery to all servers but smp3 (If on smp3 I will make access chest on 5136 Utopia and pay you 50r for the inconvenience. [Free members can access Utopia Town, for those who dont know])


    Protection III: 11
    Efficiency III: 6
    Sharpness III: 9
    Infinity I: 3
    Power III: 2
    Projectile Protection IV: 1
    Smite IV: 2
    Knockback II: 5
    Fortune II: 2
    Protection IV: 1
    Fire Protection I: 1
    Flame I: 2
    Fire Protection IV: 1
    Punch I: 1
    Fire Protection III: 1
    Bane of Antropods IV: 1
    Loothing II: 2
    Efficiency IV: 1
    Power IV: 1
    Unbreaking III: 1

  2. hmm 7k :D
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  3. bumping from l room :p
  4. hotels room
  5. bumpersooinies
  6. did you know that american aligators blood helps cure certain stds? Man learning stuff on vacation is fun!
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  7. i was all ready to use these too thanks :p 9k
  8. I dont even want these... 9.5k
  9. why bid then? 10k
  10. because, he wants me to have hiz monayz
  11. now dis guy know how to bid ^
  12. Must..... Bump.....
  13. Bump.... before.... joe...... wins....
  14. Only about 3 hours left!
  15. 12.5k! Sorry joe xD
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Not open for further replies.