[AUCTION] DC of All 4, 2 Tall Flowers.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by TheButterscotch, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. Item:
    DC of Rose Bush
    DC of Lilac
    DC of Peony
    DC of Sunflowers
    Starting Bid:
    1,500 r
    Minimum Bid:
    100 r
    Auction Ending Time:
    48 hours after last valid bid
    Bid Happily 2013-12-14_16.35.36.png
    2013-12-14_16.35.31.png 2013-12-14_16.35.41.png 2013-12-14_16.35.48.png
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  2. 1500r
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  3. I forgot to add some info:

    Auction Pickup:
    SMP9 Res #:18907
  4. Your sunflower chest isn;t quite full, you need 20 more in the last slot... better pop 20 more in real fast
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  5. 1700r. Plz let me win this.... :D
  6. i did, thanks for noticing, i ts now filled
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  7. 2100.... Plz... no one bid :D I want it...
  8. sorry rebel i want it too...
  9. can you deliver?
  10. Erg... 3.1k...
  11. oops nev mind
    dmom11 want to split.. i want peony's and lilac... I am willing to pay 4k for it so let me know...
  12. 6.25k aka 6250... Come on I want the peony and lilac
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  13. ill split with you :) rose and sunflower is good with me
  14. ~-~-~7.25k~-~-~
    Now everyone be nice and let me have my peony and lilac...
  15. 10k (rebel i know your limit with the split im good with it )
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.