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  1. DC of fire resistance potions!

    Starting Bid: 600 r

    Maximum Bid Increase: 2000 r

    Auction Conclusion: 24 hours After last bid.

    Pick Up: SMP 8, /V JJP360
  2. 600r

    hmm no minimum bid increase? so anyone could bid 1r more?!
  3. Well I hope they don't and that's just being a nuisance if they do. So you get the idea :)
  4. And also
  5. Jj, not to be mean since you're a good friend but you aren't allowed to bump, make new comments, until 2 or 3 hours has passed since last comment/bump you made.
  6. Auction Ended LUKAS 3226 Wins. Pickup whenever inside the house at my residence on smp8
  7. I think I won. I'm going to pay when you confirm it :)
  8. Lukas3226 pay whenever you want im on smp8 a lot so pay whenever
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.