[AUCTION] DC nether stalk

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by supremedr, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Selling a DC of nether stalk (3456 nether stalk. makes 10368 potions)
    starts at 500r and min increments are 50r. Bid ends 24hrs after last bidder.
    winner will pick this up at 1230.
    This auction goes to fund projects for Nothing Inc.
  2. vividoptimism winning with 500r
  3. 10 1/2 hours till auction is over. vivid srill in the lead
  4. 600r

    I fixed your title... please make sure you read the Auction Thread so you know how to do it... :)
  5. R0bbieJo in the lead with 600r.
    and will do. sorry about that.
  6. 13 1/2 hours left till this auction ends.
  7. ooh. yay. 700r @ Hash98. clock reser
  8. Please only bump every three hours.
  9. 17hrs till auction is over
  10. 15 hrs. till auction is over.
  11. 10 hours left. R0bbieJo has it at 900
  12. NOTE: I will be in bed asleep when this auction ends if nobody posts. This means that at 7:59am EST the auction ends (unless some1 posts). I will not accept any more posts after this even if I am not online.
  13. The winner is r0bbieJo congrats. please pay. there will be a special access chest at 1230. just visit and it will be in the room
  14. I just got home... I will be there in just a bit... :)
    My son will love this one! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.