[Auction] DC Iron INGOTS (CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Remastered, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Heya!
    I'm back in the empire since i got my new pc and i saw that i had my 2 vaults filled with iron INGOTS... So... I'm auctioning it!
    Minimum bid: 1k
    Minimum Increasement: 500r
    End: 24 hours after the last bid
    Pick up: I will bring it <3

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  2. 1500
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  3. lol ingots huh.

    2 DC's if ingots valued at 2/3r each is:
    2 x 3456 x 2/3 = 13,824r / 20,736r

    So I guess i'll bid:

  4. crap forgot to refresh >.<
  5. Correction -.- 2000
  6. Crud I forgot to refresh too
    Ok new bid 2500 xD
    Its going down :p
  7. Forgot to refresh again -.-
    Im out then
  8. is this 2 DC?
  9. Nope, so I believe scruffy bid 13824r on 1 DC.
  10. Yes, I made a mistake. it's for 1 DC, not 2. I'd withdraw my bid if I could. Ah well. Carry on.
  11. Read better next time mate, But since i'm in a good mood i'll let you withdraw your bid :)
  12. Letting him withdraw his bid would be 24 hours after the last bid - therefore making Bugsy win at a price of 2.5k. I do not think that you can start again 24 hours from saying what you did as what you said is not a bid. May want to get staff to check on this one, just to be sure.
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  13. Starting a Convo with involved parties to get it sorted out.
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  14. If you are correct, then I have already won :p
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  15. FDNY... you should be a mod xD
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  16. So, chickened said you have 2 choices,
    Close Auction
    Bugsy has Won
Thread Status:
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