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  1. DC of High Levels of Enchantment Books
    Starting Bid- 10000r
    Bid Increments- 500r
    Auction Ends- 24hrs after las valid bid
    Pickup- 18012 on SMP9

    1-Protection 4
    11-Protection 3
    9-Sharpness 3
    1-Efficiency 4
    6-Efficiency 3
    1-Bane of Arthropods 4
    1-Unbreaking 3
    1-Fire Protection 4
    1-Fire Protection 2
    1-Fire Protection 1
    5-Knockback 2
    1-Punch 1
    4-Feather Falling 4
    2- Smite 4
    1-Power 4
    2-Power 3
    3-Infinity 1
    1-Projectile Protection 4
    2-Flame 1
    Total 54
  2. If no one bids 10k and you bring your starting price down... 5k
  3. To be honest, I think the starting bid is fine. The 4 feather falling books, unbreaking book, 2 flame books, prot 4 book, 11 prot 3 books, and 9 sharp books alone are worth than 10k to me.
  4. The starting bid is dropped to 7K
  5. Joe is in the lead, keep them coming as of right now this is a MASSIVE steal at 10.5k
  6. please bump after 3hours of last post
  7. Wow I sold some books half as good for 11k.
    This is really becoming a steal and Joe is got 5 hours left.
  8. 11k
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  9. Joe still in lead.
  10. Not bad, erosego is in the lead.
  11. Don't know if that's allowed.
  12. Well it's not a "Mystery Item", it's a book that will come with the others, that's all.
    Rman still in the lead 12k and still a heck of a deal.
    Need more bids.
  13. You can't add items after to the auction has started.

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  14. I'm not adding items.
    Rman still in the lead.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.