Auction DC Enchanted books.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by crazynic, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. The DC contains the following:
    x3 Punch 2
    x4 Smite 5
    x1 Smite 4
    x2 Punch 2
    x1 Blast Protection 4
    x5 Power 4
    x1 Bane Of The Arthropods 5
    x1 Infinity 1
    x5 Silk Touch 1
    x5 Protection 4
    x5 Knockback 2
    x5 Fortune 3
    x5 Sharpness 4
    x5 Fire Protection 4
    x5 Fire Aspect 2
    x1 Flame 1
    The auction has a starting bid of 10k.
    Each bid must increase by at least 1k.
    The auction will end 72 hours after the last valid bid.
  2. Generalfelino015 is in the lead with 10k! Worth much more!
  3. You can't do that or a bump before 3 hours passed after last bid
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  4. It was valid. It's been much more than 3 hours.
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  5. Lol, sorry my fault
  6. It's ok you just got the AM/PM mixed up.
  7. Lol i hate when that happens
  8. Well if that happened then he bumped before crazynic even bid.. how do you make that big of a mistake lol
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  9. GeneralFelino015 is leading with 10k! Worth much much more!
  10. Generalfelino015 is leading with 10k! I did the math it's worth at least twice more than this! Auction ends in 30 hours if nobody bids again!:)
  11. Generalfelino015 is leading with 10k! Worth so much more! 12 hours left if nobody bids for the auction!
  12. Well you win the auction for 10k generalfelino015. Please pay the money and an access chest will be set up on my res smp5 take the storage teleporter.
  13. Actually for name doesn't fit on the sign. Ask cowland123 or me if you see either of us online and we will give you the books.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.