[AUCTION] DC {each} fo Night Vision, Strength, Fire Resistance, Swiftness all 8:00min

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  1. 1 DC {each} OF...
    Night Vision
    Fire Resistance

    Starting bid : 1r
    Minimum bid : 10r
    Auction ends 48 hours after first bid!

    Happy bidding :)

    If you want any of thes potions right now go check out my buissiness SuperH3ro Inc. On the services page!!

    {Edit by Baradar67 - convo from Daniel confirming DC of each}
  2. bumpity bump! still cheaper then my services!
  3. Weeh D: this is mine!! 4.5k
  4. Come on weeh, you know this is mine.. 7k
  5. Why..... 10.5k
  6. Coz ... 12k :)
  7. And now its done. 15k
  8. i believe the auction is over? im not sure my brains not working on figuring this out if that's the case then RaiinNL won for 7K? idk correct me if im wrong
  9. You're right - your brain is not working - RaiinNL is leading with a bid of 15k ;)
    Around 42 Hrs to go
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  10. its 48 hours after the first bid :) maybe your brain isnt working :p
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  11. oops *hides in corner* :oops:
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  12. As per the rules, potions must be full DC of one type therefore this auction is invalid. PM me if this auction is for 1 DC of each, it doesnt appear to be from the OP.

    COnfirmed in convo. Carry on, RaiinNL is currently leading the bid with 15k