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How long has it been since i've done a stone brick auction

Poll closed Dec 22, 2012.
5 weeks 1 vote(s) 50.0%
10 weeks 0 vote(s) 0.0%
7 weeks 1 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. DC cobble stone,
    starting at 1k
    minimum bid increase 100r
    good luck ends after 7 days
  2. auction info beside the item?
  3. did it
  4. 1k, why not?
  5. come on guys keep going
  6. Is this auction still active?
  7. finishes on sunday 11:02 am Melourne Australian time
  8. Sold to aranho for 1500r once you make payment i will have a access sign out the front of my res smp7 14450 for you
  9. I think you're off by about a day. Double check your first post.
  10. ok pab but no one else is gonna bid
  11. You said it ends after 7 days. Regardless of whether anyone is bidding on it now, that is when it ends. If it seems like it's too long to wait try something shorter, like 24 hours.
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  12. So I believe the auction ends tomorrow on Sunday 12.08 am (UTC +0:00), right?
  13. I believe I won this auction for 1500 rupees, right? Please confirm so that I can make the payment. Thanks. :)
  14. I Bid 2000 if the auction is still on if not oh well.
  15. 7 day auction end time for cobble good god
  16. I got banned so I'm just waiting
  17. Alright. Let me know when you are back, then I'll pay you accordingly, assuming that I won.
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