[auction] DC Cobble stone

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Whats my next auction gonna be

Poll closed Nov 20, 2012.
DC cobble stone 3 vote(s) 15.0%
DC Diamonds 17 vote(s) 85.0%
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  1. Hi this is a DC of Cobble stone
    Starting price 1000r
    minimum bid increase 100r
    Auction finishes 5 pm Melbourne Australian time, 17 November 2012. Good luck.
  2. 1k why not and 12 days after last valid bid or when 12 days after the auction has started . anyways still long time to wait lol owell
  3. Dwight do u want the starting bid 1600r
  4. Quick bid now for very handy cobble
  5. Dwight is so far winning on 1k
  6. Now coopdawger at 1100 k
  7. Sorry about the mistake dwight
  8. anyone wanna bid for 1.2k:p
  9. please try not to bump every few hours. its considered rude :)
  10. It looks like 12 days after the start.
  11. Nicks winning at 2k
  12. Creepers winning at 2100r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.