{AUCTION} Daryl's CrossBow

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  1. Item: Enchanted Bow (Daryl Dixons Crossbow From The Walking Dead Tv Show/Comics)
    Starting Bid: 500r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 250r
    Auction Ending Time: 36 Hour's After The Last Valid Bid
    Pickup Location: Smp 5 Res# 10021
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  2. 8100
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  4. Because I'm cool

    He almost killed Carl.

    Then katana woman was like "Kachow" and heads rolled.
  5. .....
    Now i have no reason to watch any further
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  6. i lol'd at this
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  7. images.jpg
  8. YOU HAVE MY 10k.
  9. What? It's Daryl's Stryker Strykezone 380. I want it :3
  10. Well basically carl wuz like

    "yo ya hick. u r a jerk"

    and merle was like "shut up boi."

    and carl was like "im a thug now. watch me be a jerk to my dad now"

    and merle was like "ya don't like officer frendleh?"

    carl was like "he's not even my dad. Shane is. He and my mom actuly were 2gethr be4 rick and her"

    Merle was like "Oh. well die"

    Katana woman was like "Hey"

    Merle was like "I don't liek u girl. u nasty"

    Katana woman was like "oh. well thats mean"

    Carl was like "Yeah u r nasty"

    Merle was like "Shut up boi"

    Rick was like "Is that lori? ur not there. ur ded"

    Merle was like "die carl"

    katana lady was like "no. u die u balding bad brother"


    head fell off.

    Oh and carl is actually a girl
  11. I almost woke everyone in my house up at this part.

    Never read funny things at 2 in the morning.
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  12. Then Daryl was all like:
  13. For the ppl wondering:

    Aftr his head went rollin, it fel into some salad

    daryl hadn't eaten in liek days (He was capturd by the govnor and like, torturd)
    he coms back nd his salad has his jerk-bag brothrs head in it
    he wuz like "first u make me feel liek crap, and now u ruin my salad?!?!"
    so he kicked the hed
    and they practiced soccer
    and when the govnr came over they challenged him to a socr match.
    "New World cup"
    they won
    but his salad was still gross.
  14. Then the governor robbed his salad, and Daryl was all like:
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