[AUCTION] Custom Enchanted God Helmet

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  1. Welcome to the auction for one of the Best possible helmets on EMC!
    This helmet is enchanted with
    Unbreaking III, so it'll last forever
    Protection IV, to protect your noggin.
    Respiration III, so that you can hold your breath longer than your friends.
    And finally, Aqua Affinity I, because you always wanted to be a fish, right?

    Minimum bid: 2000.
    Minimum increment: 300.
    Auction ends 36 hours after the final bid.

    Enjoy :)
  2. 2,000 rupees
  3. Bump!
    We can do better than this!
  4. Bump.
    Come on guys, this is going for a song!
  5. I need god armour, 2.6k
  6. is the helmit diamond, leather, iron, or gold?
  7. Diamond!
    Only the best!
  8. 3,316 rupees
  9. Why is it custom?
  10. Because it wasn't a random enchant, I enchanted it specifically to sell. :p
  11. Ah
  12. Bump.
    This is still worth more....
  13. Dare I bump again?
  14. Sold to fakeidea for 4k. Your access sign at my res on smp4 will closely follow your payment :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.