[AUCTION] Cupid Bow / Ham Hacker x2 / Eggcelent Wand x2 / Pot of Gold / 2014 Firework / 2014 Bench

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  1. [AUCTION] Item Names Here
    Cupid Bow (Unused)
    Ham Hacker (Unused)
    Ham Hacker (Unused)
    Eggcelent Wand
    Eggcelent Wand
    Pot of Gold
    New Years 2014 Firework
    2014 Labour Bench

    Starting Bid:

    Min Increment:

    Auction End:
    48 Hrs after final valid bid

    Hope you all enjoy! Pickup will be at 1592 (SMP 1) 2015-05-09_18.19.55.png
  2. 80,000 rupees.
  3. Bumpy Bump Bump
  4. I believe I've won. Payment has been sent to you, let me know where/when to pickup. :)
  5. If you come to 1592 there will be a chest with the items in
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.