[AUCTION] CrittCo DC of Carrots, Potatos, and Seeds.

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  1. CrittCo Farming Industries is auctioning a Double Chest of Carrots, Potatos, and seeds. The auction will end 24 hours after the last bid. The starting bid is 750 r. With a minimum raise of 50 r. DC of Carrots.png DC of Potatos.png DC of Seeds.png
  2. *waits for choongjae to bid*
    750 ;3
  3. Dj_Krazy you win pay me 900 r and then come to my res on smp 2 at 4236 to get the carrots potatos and seeds. when you come to my res go to the right to get your carrots potatos and seeds
  4. Ok
  5. NOooooo! Another one out of my reaches!! Why must you be so distant potatoes! :(
  6. :p
  7. Paid!!
  8. I check your res -_-, you have not give the signs to access it -_-
  9. I can fix that, Its his first auction so hes a bit iffy on how things work
  10. Chests Set up
  11. sorry i just wasn't able to get on yesterday
  12. the carrots potatos and seeds are still in the chests
  13. ok thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.