[AUCTION]Couple of Enchanted pickaxes

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  1. Hi! I am auctioning off these following items:
    a silk touch eff 3 unbreaking 3
    A fortune 3 eff 4

    Starting bid: Silk Touch eff 3 unbreaking 3 6k rupees
    Starting bid: Fortune 3 Eff 4 4k rupees

    Auction will end 24 hours after the last bid
    Minimum increase: 500r
    will contact you if you won

    Do format your bid like this:
    [Your Bid]
    [Server Name]

    Good Luck!!!;)
  2. silk touch 6k smp3
  3. [Item] FOR 3 EFF 4
    [Your Bid]4.5K
    [Server Name]SMP3
  4. Fortune 3 Eff 4
  5. silk touch

    fortune3 eff4
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  6. Sorry but you all are too late mrlegitslegit won and so did colesta
  7. Oh oops sorry i forgot to look at times please forgive me
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.