[AUCTION] Couple enchants

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  1. Items: Diamond Sword Knockback 1, Diamond Sword Fire apsect 1 Sharpness 2, Iron sword Smite 1 Knockback 1 Fire Aspect 1.
    Diamond pick Unbr 3 Eff 3, Diamond pick eff 1, Diamond pick Eff 2, Diamond pick Fortune 3
    Diamond Axe Unbr 3, Diamond Axe Fortune 1 eff 2
    Diamond Chestplate Fire Protection 1, Iron Chestplate Projectile Protection 5, Iron Helmet Projectile Protection 2.

    Starting Bid: 1500r
    Minimum Bid: 100r
    End time: 24 hours after last bid
    Pick Up: 1385 smp1
    Happy Bidding :)
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  4. 14wcooley in the lead with 2.5k 24 hours till its gone.
  5. 2.6k rupees !! i want dat stuuff more than i want to be a billionaire :)
  6. rizmanist99 is the lead with 2.6k
  7. yay i win lol!
  8. You can pick up the items at 1385 smp1.
  9. theres nothing in the chest
  10. i came to the res and saw my name on the chest but there was nothing in the chest
  11. Well thats because you havent payed yet...
  12. omg lol i payed the wrong auction lol
  13. well im gonna pay know
  14. paid u 2600 rupees
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.