[Auction] Complete Marlix Armor Set (4 Parts)

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  1. Auction: Complete Marlix Armor Set
    "Forged in the depths of the Nether..."

    All parts: Final, Soulbound

    Helmet: Unbreaking V, Projectile Protection V
    Chestplate (called "Armor"): Unbreaking V, Protection V
    Leggins: Unbreaking V, Protection V
    Boots: Unbreaking V, Protection V, Feather Falling III

    Starting price: 90,000 r (90k)
    Minimum increase: 5,000 r (5k)
    Auction End: 48h after the last valid bid
  2. i'll bite
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  3. European morning bump :)
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  4. paid and received. Tx