AUCTION!!! Complete Enchanted Chainmail Set

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  1. Item: Comlpete Enchanted Chainmail Set
    Starting Bid: 5k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction Ends: 48 hrs after the last bid.

    Helmets Enchantments:
    Unbreaking III
    Protection IV
    Respiration III
    Aqua Affinity I

    Chests Enchantments:
    Unbreaking III
    Projectile Protection IV
    Thorns III

    Leggings Enchantments:
    Unbreaking III
    Blast Protection IV

    Boots Enchantments:
    Unbreaking III
    Fire Protection IV
    Feather Falling IV

    These items are hard to get so good luck and happy bidding
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  2. gOOtch you have won this auction please pay and pick up.. I will have it ready for you to pick up tomorrow morning on smp4 at /v +smart in the chest
  3. is your name with O or zeros??
  4. okay thank you
  5. Guess what I will have the armor waiting for you in the chest at my res in about 5 mins
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.