[Auction] Come At Me Creeper! (Enchanted Pack)

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  1. Come At Me Creeper! (Enchanted Pack)

    Blast Protection IV Helmet
    Blast Protection IV Chest-Plate
    Blast Protection IV Leggings
    Blast Protection IV Boots

    Sharpness IV, KnockBack II, FireAspect II Sword

    Infinity I, Power III Bow

    Condition: Everything Is Diamond & Unused

    Starting Bid: 1r

    Minimal Bid Raise: 1r

    Auction Ends: 48 Hours After Last Bid

    PickUp: Res 1004 Smp1

    Ever Got Extremely Annoyed When A Creeper Came At You And Blew You Up When You Had Epic Items? Want To Get Revenge? Well Bid On this Back Now! You Will Be Able To Own Them With Your Epic Sword And Get Them From Long Range With The Epic Bow Which You Don't Even Have To Supply Arrows! Also With This Extrondinary Armour Creeper Blast Have No Damage. You Will Make Those Creepers Run Away With Fear When They See You And Easily PWN Them When You Say:
    "Come At Me Creeper!"

    So Happy Bidding :D

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  2. Lol 1001
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  3. Bekalusa is in the lead with 5k
    Come one People This Pack is Worth way over 20k!!!!!!\
    SomeOne Show Bek who is boss!
  4. Come On People Don't Let Those Creepers Get U!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D BID on this pack get your revenge!!!!!!!!!
  5. 6001

    You Don't Need To Capitalise Every Word!
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  6. Bonesabre is is the lead with 6002r come on people! This pack is worth way more. U need to get revenge on those creepers!!!!
  7. It's a shame that prot armor breaks so quickly :(, it's because the armor takes all the hearts damage so it breaks 2x + faster than usual armor :mad:. although, it's good against creepers :).
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  8. Let's do this!! 11k
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  9. Woooooooo
    PenguinDJ The Almighty Bidding Beast Is In the lead with 11k
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  10. Come on people this is worth way over 20k :D
  11. Bonesbre is is the lead with 12k!!!
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