Auction: Co-ordinates

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  1. I have located a massive ravine very close to an outpost in smp2. It is connected to a large abandoned mineshaft. It is protected by a distance, but not far enough that your items would de-spawn before you got back after you died (trust me, I know!) It is largely unexplored. I have done some preliminary reconnaissance around my initial entry point. However, the ravine is huge! Many times larger than where I have explored. As an example, I mined out 3 64 stacks of iron in half an hour, just by following the mine shafts. There's plenty more where that came from.

    I have also built a basic xp grinder. It could use some improvements but the info structure is all there. It is built around a skeleton spawner so the drops are also worth some consideration.

    As far as I know I am the only one who knows about it. I have hidden myself from the live map every time I went out.

    For the right price I will abandon the ravine and give the coordinates to my base camp. I'm doing this because I'm working on my res and need some cash to buy supplies, the wild isn't for me!

    I do have a lowest price in mind. The auction will go for 24 hours. Increases of 500 please.
  2. how did you come up with that number? :D
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  3. nvm, im just gonna keep that 628r (and i just picked a number XD)
  4. Highest bid at 628r by the fine gentleman with the creeper avatar!
  5. WHO'S DAT?
  6. This is an amazing site with the xp grinder and a ravine. 500r increments would be appreciated.
  7. 1k! Mwahaha! Im going to get outbided...
  8. is I who will outbid you!!!
  9. Okay, 5 hours left. Highest bid by S_R_L_B at 1k. As before 500r increments. Trust me, the explorational and mining opportunity provided by the area is well worth it.
  10. i am willing to share the coordinants and pay half the price of the winning bid to anyone who accepts this offer.
  11. Sorry guys, it's a bit too late. S_R_L_B wins the coordinates for 1k.

    However it's a large enough cavern that you may be able to get a piece of the action if you ask him.
  12. Yeeeeehhh! :cool:
  13. Waht? I totally outbid him!
  14. Post the coordinates so he can claim his prize. ;)
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  15. The auction went for 24 hours. It ended 3 hours before you bid -_-
  16. I see what you did there... ;)
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