[AUCTION Closed] 2 DC of Nether Wart

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  1. Hello Everyone, It's rburke5786 Owner of The Wooden Fortress on the smp5 server.

    Before I get to the auction I'd like to give a shout-out to my new Horse Race Track type "/v 10225 main" while connected to the smp5 server and follow the signs. Here are some photos of the working starting line signal.

    Anyway, welcome to the 7th auction of the Wooden Fortress! Previous auction I sold 3 Bows, one of which being a EMC Lucky Bow, the auction went for 22,500r. This auction I'm selling 2 DC of Nether Wart, normally in my shop, 1 DC goes for 756r, which means 2 would go for 1,512r. Today, I'm giving everyone a bargain and this minimum starting bid for this auction is going to be 400r! With a minimum bid increment of 50r!

    Nether wart can be used for very handy uses. For example making potions, this would be an ingredient for potions for quite a while, you can regrow nether wart in soul sand in the town world to make even more money (this is how I got this much nether wart). Buy from me and put this nether wart to great use!

    Item: 2 DC of Nether Wart
    Minimum Start Bid: 400r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50r
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after previous valid bid
    2014-09-09_18.16.29.png 2014-09-09_18.16.42.png

    Pick-Up: Simply do "/v 10225 main" while connected to smp5 server. Go through the first set of gates, and turn left for the teleport for the Auction Board. The auction board needs to state "Payment Received" next to your name and amount. From the auction board, turn right to head to the Auction Storage Area, this is a place where "More than 1 DC" auctions are picked-up, your access signs will be up. Please keep in mind that the payment must be made first before the access signs are placed. Once I have a winner I will be in contact with them.

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  2. k im out

  3. 1.5k. Il trad this to u for the info of area called a nether fortress :D deal?
  4. Im out... sooo close
  5. Bump!

    Current Leader: MatthewDA with 2,000r
    Anyone willing to top that?
  6. Do I have any other bidders for 2 DC of Nether Wart? If no other bids, this auction ends tomorrow at 11:13 PM my time.
  7. Bump, Any other Bidders? Auction Ends Tomorrow night at 11:13 PM my time (12:13 AM) EMC Time.
  8. Current Leader: MatthewDA with 2k
    Any other bidders? Auction ends 11:13 PM (12:13 AM EMC Time)
  9. Auction Closed
    Winnner: MatthewDA with 2,000r
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