[AUCTION Closed] 2 DC of Charcoal

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  1. Hello Everyone and Welcome to the 13th Auction of the Wooden Fortress!
    Last time we auctioned 1 DC of Charcoal and the winner of that auction was kevmeup with 4,000r.

    This time I'm doubling the amount of Charcoal and we have 2 DC's going on the auction block today!

    Auction Terms
    Item: 2 DC's of Charcoal
    Minimum Starting Bid: 2,500r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 200r
    Auction Ending Time: June 17th 8:00 PM EMC Time (EST)

    Pick-Up Instructions: I do ask that I receive payment first (security reasons ;)). When I verify that I have received payment, I'll get in-game ASAP (as soon as possible) to set up the access signs. I have an area that you have to teleport to, it's a named tp location. When you're there there will be several chests in the room, find the ones that have a charcoal piece in the item frame and of course the [ACCESS] sign over it.

    Command for Teleportation: While connected to smp5 "/v 10225 auction2ormore"
    Must be typed exactly as stated!

    Images of the DC's
  2. 2.7K (hope i lose)
  3. You kiddin' me!? This is worth my arm and leg (maybe)
    4k roop!
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  4. Current Leader

    ShyguytheGamer1 with 7k.

    Auction ends in 27.5 hours
  5. Sorry buddy, I'm out.
  6. Me too
  7. Current Leader:
    Amusedstew with 8,000r

    Anyone willing to best that? 5 hours remain in the auction.
  8. Auction Closed

    AmusedStew is the winner with 8,000r!
  9. I will pay tomorrow if I remember, if I dont pay by noon EMC time send me a PM on forums so I dont forget :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.