[AUCTION - CLOSED] 1 DC of Coal Blocks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by SerpensSolidus, Jun 12, 2015.

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  1. Item: One Double Chest of Coal Blocks
    Starting Bid: 98,765 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1,000 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid

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  2. You can preview them on smp2 at "/v 3821 auction".
  3. Just so you know, your starting Bid is too high, that is why nobody is bidding on it.
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  4. I think it is not too high, but i do think nobody needs a DC of coal blocks.
  5. Actually, I do need a DC of coal blocks. I would love to take these, but the starting price is too high.

    For example, coal generally sells for 3r each. If you take 3 * 9 (9 coal in a block), you get 27, so 27r per block.

    Lets just round up to 30r, to make it a little higher and easier to do the math.

    In a DC, there are 54 slots, and Coal blocks stack in 64, so 54 * 64 will give you the total number of blocks, which is 3,456.

    So 3,456 * 30r gives you 103,680r.

    Your starting price is 98,765 rupees. 30r per coal block is actually a little high, but I gave it that much just to make it a little higher. However, even at that price, the coal's value is only 5k higher than the starting bid.

    That is not enough room for a person to make a bid. If you restart the auction at a lower starting bid, you will catch more interest. Your starting bid should not be equal to the market value of an item, but it should be below it.

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  6. That was the result of a bid war. Those people wanted that DC. that DC was worth that to that player. that doesn't mean that a dc of coal blocks would be worth 100k to another player. Starting bid at 10k would be reasonable but honestly a starting bid is only required because of the rules. Most people put starting bid as 1r or something like that because it is irrelevant to the auction... well unless you make it this high lol. It's an auction because the value is determined by the bidders not the auctioner. This has had many bumps and was done over the weekend. The weekend usually sees more traffic than the weekdays. if there wasn't a bid then there is unlikely to be a bid now. Your bumps are just going to be wasted. Might as well restart the auction and ask staff to close this thread.
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  7. I know all this, and I knew the chance wasn't high that someone would place a bid, but I just wanted to try it.
  8. i do agree the starting bid is a bit high
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