[AUCTION] Chest of Silk Touch 1 Unbreaking 3

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  1. What would one miner do without the touch of the silk? With unbreaking 3, lasts 3x longer than the usual Silk Touch 1's everyone gets. With no efficiency, this amount of silk touches could last you a LIFETIME (with exception of avid miners, of course)!

    Items: 27 Silk Touch I Unbreaking 3
    Starting Price: 5000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ends: 36 Hours after last bidder

    Uses: Mine Ender Chests and get the whole chest back, not just the obsidian. Go into a ore mining frenzy, with or without friends.

    Pick-up location: SMP9, 18144
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  2. XghostlysniperX leads at 12k! What a steal, around 4.5k EACH!
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  3. I could problaly resell for a profit
  4. I guess not now, 15k!
  5. k, presumably?

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  6. Sorry to break it but 16 200r.
  7. 36k :D
  8. Gimomiko in the lead with 36kr! Which means around 1.4k each!
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  9. 2 1/2 hours left!!!
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