Auction - Chest of Gold Enchanted Swords

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  1. Starting bid: 500r
    Min bid increase: 100r

    Auction closes 24hrs after last bid

    6x Sharpness I
    2x Sharpness II
    4x Smite I
    1x Smite II
    2x BoA I
    4x Knockback I
    2x Fire Aspect I
    1x Sharpness II, Knockback I, Fire Aspect I
    1x Sharpness I, Fire Aspect I
    2x Sharpness I, Knockback I
    1x Sharpness II, Fire Aspect I
    1x Knockback I, BoA I
  2. Proof

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  3. I may bid...
  4. please.
  5. You will bid! :D
  6. Thanks for the good advice to the OP, everyone. I moved his auction items into his first post and cleaned up the thread.
  7. Only 3 more hours to bid before the chest is won by dylan_frenette for 1200r!
  8. i won. where do i pick up?
  9. Come to 13439 on smp6 and there will be a chest right next to you. After you've paid, of course
  10. ill pay now.
  11. Chest is yours
  12. ill pick it up later today, gotta go to school.
  13. nvm i found time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.