Auction: Chest of Cake

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  1. I have a full single (27) chest of cake up for auction. Bidding begins at 100R, and will go for 24 hrs, or until an obvious high bidder is determined. Please no bidding in 1R increments, use 10R please.
  2. Wow -- you were on that! Off and running!
  3. well... i love CAKES xD
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  4. i like my comment too xD
  5. hmmm, 125r
  6. 175 XD my cakes
  7. 200 "what if I say I Will never surrender" foo fighers,song the pretender :)
  8. 230
    No way u guys can top that
  9. I bid 250 Same comment as above :D
  10. now ur confused!
  11. Jokes on you mate,300!
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  12. Good morning, everyone, and thanks for the bids! Current High Bid is 300, which is just lovely -- Thanks so much :)
  13. Did I win?
  14. If no one else bids - guess you are! I said 24 hours, and it hasn't even been 12, so I guess I'll keep it open for a while.
  15. Oh,I was looking forward to a chest full of cakes,How much for canceling like right now? :D
  16. Gimmie tree-fiddy, and I'll go away. Seriously, 350 and the cake is yours!
  17. I rather wait a couple of hours :p