[AUCTION] Chest le' Magnificent {DOUBLE CHEST}

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  1. Hello everybody, Maddy here with a new auction!
    It is called 'Chest le' Magnificent' because, it is of course magnificent.

    Scroll down and there will be pictures and details for you to read/ have a look at.

    2012-08-04_14.37.50.png 2012-08-04_14.38.03.png 2012-08-04_14.38.13.png 2012-08-04_14.38.17.png 2012-08-04_14.38.19.png
    Included in this chest are:
    -96 Ender Pearls
    -256 Birch Logs
    -28 Nether Warts, sorry for including 2 extra in pictures!
    -32 Redstone
    -64 Slime Balls
    -32 Blaze Powder
    -32 Glass Bottles
    -1 Potion of Fire Resistance (8 Minutes)
    -1 Potion of Swiftness (8 Minutes)
    -1 Unbr II Eff II Diamond Pickaxe
    -1 Eff I Diamond Pickaxe
    -1 Eff III Diamond Shovel
    -1 Eff I Diamond Shovel

    Details on time, bid increments:

    Auction ends 48 Hours after the last bid

    Starting price is 600 rupees

    Minimum bid increment is 150 rupees

    Good luck to everyone who bids on this Auction!

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  2. >=( 2500r
  3. So that is your way of doing this?

  4. just gonna swoop in with 3k
  5. Let's do it just one more time: 3173
  6. 3500r
  7. marknaaijer in the lead with a bid of 2698 rupees!
  8. lol bit late madi
  9. Yeah, kinda fail :p
  10. hmm you win this round but next round i will bring much more rupee's i mean i have enough to keep going for awhile i just need them for other projects
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  11. Ouch that was stupid, didnt even s
    ee those posts. lol.
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  12. 4000 isn't that many...
  13. i know but when your spending 22000k + in projects it becomes alot
  14. *edit* i meant 22000r +
  15. I have accually a lot to spend... :p signature
  16. some is on a signature then i have other things *secret things* im spending it on
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