[Auction] Buttload (DC) of Enchanted Books

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  1. Hello guise,here is my second auction!!
    -Projectile Protection IV
    - 3x Power I
    -Smite III
    - 4x Protection II
    - 4x Unbreaking I
    - 3x Smite I
    - 3x Efficiency II
    - 5x Bane of Arthropods I
    - 2x Feather Falling II
    - 4x Sharpness I
    -Power IV
    -Efficiency IV
    -Lure III
    - 3x Feather Falling I
    - 6x Protection I
    -Fire Aspect I
    -Fire Protection II
    -Power II
    -Looting I
    - 2x Aqua Affinity I
    -Efficiency I
    -Feather Falling III
    -Projectile Protection III
    -Knockback I
    -Fire Protection I
    -Projectile Protection II

    Starting bid: 5000r
    Increase bid by: 500r
    Pickup: Smp1 (1984)

    Ends 24 hours after the last bid
  2. Can you just end it
  3. here is a pic of them books..
  4. Dj did I win?
  5. Yes, pay 7k and I'll set up the sign...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.