[ AUCTION ] BTHarrold98's Voters Armour

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  1. Starting Bid: 50k
    Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ends 48 Hours After Last Valid Bid

  2. 100k! :D
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  3. 100.5k
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  4. Leave meh alone pat
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  5. I need this more than you! D:<
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  6. Gosh darnit. Theres no dislike button 1120.5k
  7. Oops 110.5k*
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  8. 112k. :)
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  9. Final bid...
    *shakes fist*
  10. 116k! ;)
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  11. Is this just the boots or the whole set? The first three images aren't there and the OP doesn't say anything about what items are being auctioned
  12. I think this is the full set as it says armour and there are four pictures. Even though the first three Doesn't work. Haha.
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  13. Yes, it is a full sey of the armour, the pics just havent come into it some reason.
  14. Man I doubt I will be able to go far in this auction considering my current ventures but: