[Auction] Brown Stained Clay DC

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  1. Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Increment: 1r
    Expires: 4 days 4 hours (100 hours) from last bid.

    The perfect start to your...
    - Giant chocolate bar! (Complete with iron blocks for the wrapper.)
    - Statue of Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman, Omar Khadr (who now officially has 'more class than the whole [Canadian] cabinet'), Muhammad the prophet, ...
    - Small African mud hut.
    - Giant ant hill.
    - Giant piece of dung.
    - Not going to go there.
    - Giant brown wall to block out the view of your neighbours.
    - Iraqi village, then sensory deprivation chamber once you bomb it and capture the terrorists.
    - Giant brown manila envelope!
    - Giant chocolate cake for your friend's birthday. (With netherrack candles.)

    Brown is also the new trendy colour for home design to make an elegant home that you never have to clean and no one can see the mess!

    Don't be a racist! Treat the colour clays equal to the whites! Get your bid in today!
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  2. Bump:

    Leader: Lockdown32
    Minimum Bid: 8001r
    Auction Ends: Sunday May 31st 7:06 PM EMC Time
  3. 11,000.
  4. Bump!

    Minimum Bid: 11001r
    Current Winner: jay2a
    Auction Ends: Tuesday 4:59 AM EMC Time
  5. You have won. I've set up an access chest at /v 911 (up the stairs past the logs and to the left). Please pay when you grab it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.