Auction, Bow : Infinity l, Flame l, Power lll (+ 1 Free arrow)

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  1. ~ Starting bid: 1000r ~
    ~ Minimum bid increment: 100R ~
    ~ Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid ~
    ~ I can set up a chest for you at 6046 (SMP3) ~
    ~ The Bow is 100% unused! ~
    ~ Accepting rupees only ~

    * The Bow is 100% Safe from others *
    Here's a picture of it
    Why is there not much bows on auction?
  2. Lets do this

    *action music*

  3. ... How much money do u have…
  4. 12.5k
  5. Lol u r banned dude howwouldyou get it?
    5000 R
  6. I think u will be getting more after the land scaping contest
  7. Y is he banned?
  8. XD that ''+1 free arrow'' totally finishes the deal :D

    Though, im not buying :D I'm more of a melee fan
  9. Yeah I know right? 1 free arrow for the win!
  10. Didnt some 1 bid 12000?
  11. DC626 is banned and even officially quit EMC. He is likely just trying to drive up the price or disrupt the auction, so please ignore him. :)
  12. ohh ok its a shame his entry for the minecraft land scaping contest was amazing
  13. 5k please :D
  14. lol jk 10k :D
  15. The free arrow is for the infinity upgrade
  16. :( i was planning to buy that bow for my friend