[auction] Book signed by ICC

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  1. you heard it!!!!
    an icc signed book XD

    Item: see above
    Start Bid: 10r
    Increase by 10r
    Ends: 24 hrs after last VALID bid.
    pickup: a chest on winner's residence. please leave me an access sign.
  2. 0.0 yes! hayjam is winning with 1,000 rupees!
  3. iceraider14 winning with 1500r
  4. Screenshots?
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  5. ah sorry sure
    here they are
  6. trent948 winning with 2,000r
  7. iceraider winning with 2300r
  8. Do you have a bigger picture...? Sorry but it's too small and for some reason i'm unable to enlarge it :confused:
  9. thats wierd. no i dont
  10. This is not an approved auction. You can sell it (directly, in the correct forum), but auctions must follow the auction guidelines:


    Which items can be auctioned off?
    Updated: 11/03/2012
    Auctions may consist of the following:

    • Enchanted items in unused condition and in any quantity
    • Beacon Block
    • Any item in bulk (Double Chest ONLY with STACKED items in each slot, or 54 unstackable items)
    You may NOT auction off intangible items, used items (where applicable), services or spawners in the wild. This includes trying to sneak them in as "bonuses". Auctions should ONLY consist of one of the three items in the bullet list above.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.