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  1. Starting bid:5,000
    Minimum bid raise:150
    Ending time:24 hours after last bid
    I didn't know a good starting bid so if it is high i am sorry 2012-09-17_19.00.34.png
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  2. I take its to low so i lower it to 2k
  3. Hey someone has to bid. You've had this auction up for an hour
  4. I know one of these went for almost more than 20k a while back
  5. 2150.
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  6. No they did not...
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  7. I
    I'm pretty shure i saw one that did.
  8. Oh I don't know it was more of a No way!!
  9. So, am i still in the lead or something....
  10. Yup you are in the lead with 3k
  11. Exactly one hour from now you will win if nowone bids
  12. Ok you have wone a while back pay me and then pick up
  13. Find me on smp2, where ever i am one, ill be on later today
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.